Our Services Include the Following

Employee Handbook / Policies and Procedures

Our Employee Handbooks and Policies and Procedures are customized based on your company size, practices, needs, company culture and designed for compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Job Analyses / Job Description Creation

We will work with you to draft an accurate, Department of Labor (DOL) and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliant job description that clearly lays out employee expatiations. 

HR Best Practices Assessment 

Our HR Best Practices Assessment is a comprehensive review of your business’ current policies, procedures, and practices.  This can also include an Employee File and I-9 Audit for compliance with state and federal regulations.

Hiring & Recruiting

We will assist you in determining your origination’s needs and draft a hiring and recruiting policy. This could include background checks, interviewing strategies and on-boarding.

Performance Management / Employee Relations

Performance Management is one of the most important but most underutilized components of Strategic HR. The lack of Performance Management directly correlates to the business’ bottom line – inefficient and nonproductive employees cost the company money whereas efficient and productive employees add value.

Improperly trained managers handling employee relations and conflicts can cost your organization potential legal fees, lost time, and unfavorable turnover. We can assist in employee relations and conflicts as they arise to ensure compliance with law, fairness to the employer and employee.


Garber HR Consulting has unique experience in investigations.  This includes over fourteen years in law enforcement and previous investigations into Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS)/ Section 460 (client abuse, neglect and/or exploration), sexual harassment, employee theft / fraud, threats of violence and client death.  Our unique experience will allow you to have the confidence to take appropriate actions that may include termination or prosecution.

Emergency Plans

We can draft your organization’s Emergency Plan to include contingencies for weather events, earthquakes, fires, combative clients, pandemics and other events that are unique to your organization.

Custom Services

Do you have a need that is not listed above? Contact us and let’s discuss it.